During your visit

current Notice

Even after the discontinuation of the mandatory Corona protection measures since 3 April 2022, we still recommend general protective and hygienic measures for your visit to the museum.

As basic protection for you and your fellow human beings, we kindly ask you to voluntarily wear a mask and to keep the minimum distance.

For general hygiene measures such as hand washing and hand disinfection, disinfectants are still available for you in the cashier and sanitary areas. Please observe the usual cough and sneeze etiquette.

Thank you very much for your support. We look forward to your visit!


Lockers can be found in the upper and lower foyers. A returnable 1 euro coin is required.

We request that you leave your bags and rucksacks in the lockers for the duration of your visit. For security reasons objects larger than A4 size (29 x 21 cm) may not be taken into the galleries.

Please note that closed lockers will be opened by staff after closing time.


Benches are provided in some of the collection and exhibition rooms.

You are welcome to borrow portable folding chairs free of charge for your visit. A walking frame and wheelchair are also available for visitor's use.

Please ask at the ticket office.

Visiting with children

Baby changing facilities are available in the lower foyer.

All collection and exhibition rooms plus the lower foyer and auditorium can be easily accessed with strollers via ramps or elevator.

We will be happy to loan you a stroller for your visit to the museum free of charge. Please ask at the ticket office.


Dogs and other animals are not permitted inside the building.

Assistance dogs are of course allowed. Please let us know at the ticket office.