from 26.05.2023 to 24.09.2023


The Art of the Moment

In sports reporting and in reporting on wars, the notion of “momentum” is highly topical, marking a turning point in time that can be understood in social, economic, geopolitical, ecological or theological terms. The vocabulary of such turning points has become key to descriptions of our present times.

Twelve artists with an interest in processes of time were invited to engage with this abstract, elusive moment, contrasting it with sensory experience and visualization. They all developed new works for the main exhibition space at Neues Museum, ranging from photography to film, performance and installations.

Their approaches are varied, exploring different experiences of time, asking how past and future touch, connect and merge in the present. The curators gave the artists maximum freedom for an experiment that should ideally cause visitors to pause for thought, allowing it to make more than a brief, momentary impact.


The exhibition is a joint project by Neues Museum and the Art Dept. of the Lutheran Church in Bavaria, accompanying the 38th Congress of the German Protestant Church from 7–11 June 2023 in Nuremberg under the motto “The time has come” (Mark 1,15).


Meide Büdel, Carmen Dobre-Hametner, Manuela Hartel, Angelika Huber, Sebastian Jung, Susanne Kutter, Johanna Strobel, Bernd Telle, Florian Tuercke, Stefanie Unruh, Stefanie Zoche, Benjamin Zuber