from 26.05.2023 to 24.09.2023


The art of the moment

Momentum is an opportunity to be grasped. The concept of momentum combines two meanings contained in moment – the swift passing of time and the energy generated by a specifi c situation. If this energy is positive, we can speak of momentum. The exhibition asks whether today’s crisis-ridden moment also offers momentum. The answers provided by the twelve participating artists range from descriptions of the current state of aff airs to outlines of escape routes.

Florian Tuercke and Johanna Strobel deal with the exploitation of nature; Stefanie Unruh juxtaposes fragility and violence; Manuela Hartel and Angelika Huber create momentary places; Bernd Telle responds photographically to a fitting story by Franz Kafka; Susanne Kutter explores the improvised dwellings of our society; Carmen Dobre-Hametner photographs people using overexposure; Sebastian Jung’s “catastrophe room” showcases a cross-section of issues urgently in need of positive momentum; Benjamin Zuber surprises visitors to his installation for self-optimization; Meide Büdel finds an abstract form for momentum; and Stefanie Zoche’s sandstone walls off er an alternative building material.

All artists have developed new works for this exhibition. The spectrum ranges from sculpture to photography, film and performance to installation.


The exhibition is a joint project by Neues Museum and the Art Dept. of the Lutheran Church in Bavaria, accompanying the 38th Congress of the German Protestant Church from 7–11 June 2023 in Nuremberg under the motto The time has come (Mark 1,15).