from 29.09.2023 to 11.02.2024

Dagmar Buhr


Basically she’s a sculptor: Dagmar Buhr works with text the way other people work with stone. Her material consists of words, both found and invented, and her texts always have a chiselled feel to them.

This is due not least to a precise typography that merges inseparably with the content. It is also an effect of scale, as the artist is not content with sheets of paper or the pages of books. For a long time now, Buhr has been making work that covers entire walls. With the six façade spaces at Neues Museum, she enters a new dimension.

In the context of neighbouring Luitpoldstrasse’s past as a red-light district, Buhr will create a link between the exhibition venue and buildings that have cultivated a different kind of exhibitionism. The artist has never liked marginalization, as reflected in the exhibition’s title that glosses over gender difference: in French, the indirect object pronoun “lui” is both masculine and feminine.