on focus
from 13.04.2018 to 23.06.2019

Furniture by architects

Furniture manifestos

As well as working on the exterior and structure of buildings, architects also think about their interiors and inhabitants. Where people interact with space, architecture and design interlock.

The exhibition presents designs from various architectural movements and groups: the chairs by Egon Eiermann (1904-1970) reflect the functionalism of post-war Germany; the materials used by Frank Gehry (born 1929) for his furniture reflect his deconstructivist approach; and the patterns on the objects by Superstudio (founded 1966 in Florence) reflect an endlessly extended architectural utopia.

Such design theories usually focus on the human user. As in architecture, the design process is thought of as a social task. In this light, these pieces of furniture illustrate not only ideologies from architectural history but also that of design.