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from 07.12.2018 to 19.01.2020

Discoteca Il Grifoncino

Club culture in 1968

Discoteca Il Grifoncino, which opened in 1968 at Hotel Greif in Bolzano, is a manifestation of the modern notion of leisure of the late 1960s: sociable relaxation with music and dancing. But the venue’s interior reveals another idea. The designers Cesare Maria Casati (born 1936) and Emanuele Ponzio (born 1923), known for their pill lamps, collaborated with the artist Gino Marotta (1935 - 2012) to create a transparent club landscape that was originally surround­ed by abstract clouds and bushes. Acrylic glass elements in green, pink, blue and purple lit up in response to the rhythm of the music. This was intended as a fan­tastic vision of the future! Looking at the interior of this discotheque in South Tyrol, it becomes clear that it was one of the early clubs to celebrate a new form of enter­tainment.


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