Our mission

A 21st-century museum as a lively forum for cultural experiences, a place of inspiration, education, communication, and debate.

Neues Museum strives to be a venue that brings together people, art, and architecture offering ever new experiences and perceptions.


Run by the Free State of Bavaria, designed by architect Volker Staab and completed in October 1999, Neues Museum in Nuremberg shows art and design from the 1950s to the present day on over 3,000 square meters of collection and exhibition space.

Art and design under one roof

In a unique format that has to look far to find its equal, fine art and applied art are shown side by side under one roof. By means of selected highlights, the presentation illuminates important stages in the development of international art and design history from the mid-20th century to the present day.

The design area is a cooperative project with Die Neue Sammlung - The Design Museum.
Neues Museum is committed to picking up the latest currents in contemporary art and design, making trends visible, and sounding out future developments.


The architectural transparency and openness that characterizes the building also sets the tone for the agenda pursued at Neues Museum.

Temporary exhibitions

Neues Museum employs three key strategies in staging temporary exhibitions:

Monographic exhibitions present the output of national and international artists, while themed presentations focus on current artistic pursuits. Collections established by institutions and private collectors are likewise a central exhibition theme. A regular aim is to establish a dialog between the collection and the exhibition.

Flexible exhibition venues

Shows are not only presented in the major exhibition hall, as the foyers and Klarissenplatz in front of the museum provide additional venues for temporary exhibitions of contemporary art and international design. Since 2008 the six rooms located behind the glass façade have been housing the /prospekt/ exhibition format.
A major focus is placed on site-specific projects. Here, Neues Museum approaches selected artists to work on individual projects.

Collection rooms with changing presentations

Neues Museum lives up to its philosophy by employing an extensive range of different exhibition formats – and much more besides. The collection rooms present new works on a regular basis, while frequent new collection presentations, which tend to be set up as joint projects with artists and designers, keep things interesting and provide a great incentive to come to the museum regularly.