on focus
from 12.10.2018 to 28.04.2019


Works from the Martin Collection

It is an experiment. Perhaps even a comment on how things stand. It no longer seems possible to legitimate artistic activity in terms of genre alone. Art is less inclined than ever before to offer certainties. In the context of today’s flood of media images, making pictures is no longer something to be taken for granted. This may be one reason why some artists are shifting the emphasis to a process that remains legible in the finished work; a process between articulation and silence that does not exclude gesture, expressiveness or dynamic structures.

Herbert and Traudl Martin have developed a keen sense for such contrasts. This exhibition presents works from their collection, by artists including Ingrid Calame (born 1965), Marieta Chirulescu (born 1974), Svenja Deininger (born 1974) and Susanne Roth (born 1973), all of whom leave us in no doubt that pictures have a future.