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from 09.03.2010 to 13.06.2010

Claus Bury

Leaps of scale

Claus Bury, the Frankfurt-based artist (born 1946) has given his exhibition at Neues Museum in Nuremberg the title Maßstabssprünge (leaps of scale). With this term, he is referencing various changes in spatial relationship within his artistic oeuvre, for instance, switches from the interior to the exterior, from a surface to a body or, indeed, from a small object to a large-scale sculpture.

Although Claus Bury is famous for his monumental sculptures in landscapes and in the urban context, here at Neues Museum in Nuremberg will be the first time that all facets of his artistic activities will have been on show. Bury, who trained as a goldsmith, initially created items of jewelry that very early on made him one of the protagonists of the international art jewelry scene that was just emerging at the time. Bury's interest in structural systems was obvious even in these early works, as it was, at a later point, in his metal reliefs. As of the end of the 1970s, the artist started producing architectural sculptures, which always referenced the particular situation that they found themselves in. These sculptures were often accessible. They frequently fitted in with their surroundings as if this were a matter of course and, at the same time, characterized and distinguished the latter.

Claus Bury has also designed a large, accessible outdoor work for the forecourt of Neues Museum, a side-specific piece entitled Raststätte Nürnberg.