from 25.04.2008 to 06.07.2008

Manfred Pernice


The Neues Museum in Nuremberg presents the most comprehensive exhibition to date by Berlin-based artist Manfred Pernice (b. 1963).

Pernice's sculptures are constructed from conventional building materials such as blockboard, iron rods and concrete. The formal vocabulary of his works often consists of details of real architecture, ranging from tile-covered surfaces to closed structural forms. Functional components such as containers, walled enclosures or supports also serve as models for his sculptural objects. Pernice often integrates pieces offurniture, drawings, photographs or texts into his expansive and evocative installations.

Here Pernice is placing existing and new works in relation to one another. This includes developing his work Fiat into a walk-through architectural space, creating a separate exhibition area and erecting a floor-to-ceiling structure. He plans to show Zweite Hand, a group of prism-faced towers that are concerned with the viewing aspects of sculptures. His mode of presenting the works will also reflect the function and architecture of the Neues Museum.

The exhibition title – Que–Sah – refers to one volume of the Brockhaus encyclopaedia, where alphabetical arrangement gives systematic order to the highly varied lexical contents. For Pernice, "the first entry (Quebec conferences) and the last (Saho, Ethiopian stock farmers), like all the other conceptual phenomena in-between, are potential areas of artistic exploration."

A catalogue will be published.