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from 28.01.2022 to 11.09.2022

In erster Linie

Works from the Stadler collection

For the first time, the Munich collectors Annette and Rainer Stadler are showing a large selection of their collection to the public. The six facade spaces at Neues Museum are ideal for this, forming a large display window onto the square outside.

Many years ago, the Stadlers began collecting work by Berlin-based sculptor Gerold Miller, who they have continued to follow through all the phases of his oeuvre. These works form the core of the collection, and Miller’s serial wall-mounted pieces feature in the lower rooms. In his painted metal works, Miller stresses interaction with the space, opening up surfaces and involving the wall, using shiny and matte finishes to create a range of impressions.

The upper floor features works by Gregor Hildebrandt, Brigitte Kowanz and Heimo Zobernig. However different these artists may be in terms of their visual idiom and choice of materials, formal elements such as colour, form and line play a special role for them all.

In this way, with its double meaning, the title In erster Linie (in the first place, in the forefront, literally “in the first line”) describes the location in the window and the aesthetic rigor of the works on show.

Stadler Collection

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