from 26.03.2010 to 29.08.2010

Gerhard Mayer


/prospekt/ The title of this special exhibition format at Neues Museum in Nuremberg emphasizes what the program of shows is all about. It refers to the artistic design of the six exhibition rooms, which are sliced open by the glass façade, as the design cuts across the entire space. Last year, painter Katharina Grosse was the first artist to successfully dare make such a step. And now she is followed by Gerhard Mayer (born 1962), who is exhibiting his drawings.

With only a few curved lines, Gerhard Mayer intimates space in his ink drawings, which are based on a strict set of rules. It is only logical that for some years his works actually intervene in space. He has already realized his site-specific wall drawings in galleries, exhibition halls and public buildings in Europe and the United States. Most recently, he created a mirror ceiling for the Baroque church in Seibelsdorf. Be it the 18th-century rocailles there or the 20th-century white cube in Neues Museum,

Gerhard Mayer always responds to the specific determinants of the particular site. In his wall drawing for Neues Museum, and it is some 420 square meters in size, thousands of small elliptical sections form clouds, twisting twirls and eddies. Gerhard Mayer impressively creates visual metaphors for those macro- and microcosmic structures and processes, be they in outer space or inside atoms, that simply go beyond our imaginations. And his work for Neues Museum thus bears a title from the world of scientific research: The Large Hadron Collider is the world largest particle accelerator.