two rooms
from 24.03.2023 to 05.11.2023

Susanne Roth

Landscape Without Mountain

The fact that less can be more is one of the key lessons of Modernism. Susanne Roth (born 1973 in Schweinfurt, lives and works in Fürth) proves this again and again in her objects and works on paper. The secret of her art involves engaging with what is, rather than merely stating what should be. Only in this way can minimalism and richness coincide. Roth feels her way into pieces of old paper and cardboard, retracing and extending their history. Her artistic activity is always inspired by the material, but also by experiences and visual impressions gathered in nature. The title of the exhibition, borrowed from a series of her works, points to this dimension. Her pictures are landscapes of this kind – landscapes that can do without a mountain.

Drawing Biennial

Among others, the two-room exhibition presents works donated to the museum in 2021 by Martin Flaig and Andrea Zegna. Susanne Roth. Landschaft ohne Berg is a contribution by the Neues Museum to the 7th Drawing Biennial (21 May – 25 June 2023).