on focus
from 22.03.2018 to 24.06.2018

A World Turned Upside Down (Quarter 2)

Till Nowak, The Centrifuge Brain Project

In 2016, Neues Museum created a space for film and video art as a permanent venue for this important medium. In 2018, under the theme of A World Turned Upside Down, the museum will be showing work by the Russian collective AES+F, the German animation artist Till Nowak, the Chinese artist Yang Fudong and the Kazakh artist Almagul Menlibayeva, each for a period of three months.

They destabilize familiar views and call perceptions and established conditions into question, in sometimes humorous and sometimes very serious ways.

In this quarter, the work on show will be The Centrifuge Brain Project by Till Nowak (born 1980). In a light-hearted, ironic way, this fictional documentary tells of scientific experiments with amusement park rides since the 1970s – an excursion that lifts our imagination quite literally into new spheres.