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Between Friends

Anniversary presentations in the permanent exhibition

In times of shrinking acquisition and exhibition budgets, dependable friends offer a guarantee of survival for museums. Without the Museum Initiative, without the funding foundation, without all the private loans from people who have shown their commitment to Neues Museum Nürnberg, some from the very beginning, the museum would not be where it is today, after twenty years of work.

In the context of the anniversary year 2020 a series of presentations on the top floor of the permanent collection focused on the museum’s cooperation with various partners. Although we cannot feature everyone, it is a gesture to them all: from the Museum Initiative, without which Neues Museum would not exist, through to the collectors large and small who share their treasures with the public.

After its successful launch in February 2020, the “Among Friends” series will continue as soon as possible in 2021. Due to the measures adopted by the federal government containing the corona pandemic, Neues Museum remains actually closed until further notice.

After re-opening of Neues Museum we will present three new rooms in the permanent collection, this time focussing on photography and drawing. A selection of photographs from the Birner & Wittmann Collection, presented as a salon hanging, brings together works by many prominent artists. Bernhard Prinz, another figure from the contemporary photography scene, is presented with nine works from the collection of Kerstin Hiller and Helmut Schmelzer. And finally, there are drawings by Russian-American artist Dasha Shishkin from the collection of Günter Lorenz.