on focus
from 26.11.2021 to 08.01.2023

Bernd Klötzer. Round

No need for poems here, a single word is enough. The title is as concise and precise as the exhibits. “Round” is the lowest common denominator of the works on show, most of them made of metal. But this kinship of form is purely external. More decisive here are the processes from which the works result. Their titles describe these processes, sometimes in detail, explaining the individual steps. They are cut and forged, painted with red lead or left to rust. Essentially, it is always about contrasts or correlations. Rather than remaining abstract, these relations are accessible to sensory experience. Rationality , down to earth.

The title was inspired by a “round” birthday: in December, the Nuremberg sculptor Bernd Klötzer will be 80 years old. Reason enough to look out for round works in his oeuvre. And there are plenty! A round show for a round birthday, then, documenting 45 years of basic research in sculpture.